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The Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy is a martial arts school based in Sydney NSW Australia and offers classes in traditional Northern Praying Mantis, competition Wu Shu, Wu Dong Tai Chi, traditional Chinese weapons and advanced techniques such as Chin Na and Iron Palm.

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Kids Kung Fu

The Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy offers a martial arts program especially designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 16. The program is designed to develop the mind, body and spirit as well as giving them some basic self defence skills. We train children from beginners all the way up to competition level and encourage them to compete at state, national and international tournaments. Best of all, its really fun, and kids gain a great sense of achievement from being able to perform the same moves as their movie heroes such as Jackie Chan or Jet Li.

The Mind

Learning Kung Fu takes a great deal of focus and attention to learn complex sequences of physical movements. It also requires much practice and diligence in training. The practice of Kung Fu in kids develops mental alertness, focus and concentration.

The Body

The regular practice of Kung Fu is excellent for developing fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, reflexes and coordination. Frequent drills of basic movements such as punches, blocks and kicks develops these physical abilities as well as reflex actions and muscle memory for self defence.

The Spirit

Kung Fu is more than a physical activity. Along with it comes a large body of philosophy regarding respect, courage, justice and honour. Studies have shown that kids who learn martial arts have greater confidence, higher self esteem and are more responsible.

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